We love every one of our projects and hope you enjoy looking through them. If you have any questions about a specific project feel free to reach out.

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Chill Time

Chill Time is a new app trying to revolutionize how we "chill" with our friends.

larcolab partnered with Founder Alex Bahram in order to put Chill Time on the fast track towards development with a complete app mockup.


Shake is a library designed to provide effortless communication between mobile devices. Simply shaking any two devices together grants permission for the devices to send content via wifi or data.

Shake won 1st place at the HackMIT Blueprint Hackathon. It's been in development ever since.



Sealed is a time-delayed messaging app. larcolabs was instrumental in partnership with Alex Cantrell towards founding Sealed.

larcolabs helped sealed attract investors with a prototype web app and fully written backend

Mr. AB Voting System

When ABRHS hosted their annual student talent competition they came to larcolabs for a voting system

Students could vote via webapp and a text-in phone number. Live updates were streamed throughout the show for a huge success.

Kids For Education

Kids For Education sought to bring local high school tutors to less affluent communities.

larcolabs co-founded the project and began to create an online tutoring service until Kids For Education's council voted to postpone online outreach until the project became more established in the community.


Device.js is a "drag-and-drop" library build for AppEngine's python SDK allowing cross platform realtime connections between devices with minimum implementation code.


3D Wireframe Ripple Simulation

Hunter Larco's 3D Ripple Simulation demonstrated his custom 3D rendering engine.

It earned a Chrome Experiment recognition and marked the beginning of Hunter Larco's web development career.